Touch Markers

I’ve been trying out a new material… Shinhan touch markers!! I find them a lot more intensive than watercolours and they take some time to get used to!! But so do the watercolours.. As with watercolours its easy to mess up, so trying on a piece of paper doesn’t hurt. I recommend making a colour chart of all the colours in your collection so you don’t have to guess what the colour looks like on paper.

South Kensington

As it started raining, what an unexpected surprise, I closed my book and went to South Kensington with a starbucks in mind… As I made my way up there the skies opened up again, lol…

The Melita London

I had three expressos and I didn’t draw anything sofar… So todays blog draws from the past; One day (January 11, 2016) I was contacted by the Melita London and asked if I was interested to participate in the #MelitaSupportingTheArts programme!! All I had to do was draw something related to the Melita hotel and they framed it and put it up in the reception area for sale, how cool is that? :)))