Digital drawings

New media, into digital drawing now for a short few weeks, wondering if I should activate my patreon account. For the moment its inactive, cause it seems lika a big responsability…

Touch Markers

I’ve been trying out a new material… Shinhan touch markers!! I find them a lot more intensive than watercolours and they take some time to get used to!! But so do the watercolours.. As with watercolours its easy to mess up, so trying on a piece of paper doesn’t hurt. I recommend making a colour chart of all the colours in your collection so you don’t have to guess what the colour looks like on paper.

Barcelona sketchday

I went on a one day trip to Barcelona to do some formalities and had the whole afternoon to myself. I went up to the top floor of el Corte Inglés to have brunch and do some drawing… I wasn’t really in the right state of mind but I did it anyway.

South Kensington

As it started raining, what an unexpected surprise, I closed my book and went to South Kensington with a starbucks in mind… As I made my way up there the skies opened up again, lol…