Touch Markers

I’ve been trying out a new material… Shinhan touch markers!! I find them a lot more intensive than watercolours and they take some time to get used to!! But so do the watercolours.. As with watercolours its easy to mess up, so trying on a piece of paper doesn’t hurt. I recommend making a colour chart of all the colours in your collection so you don’t have to guess what the colour looks like on paper.

First delivery

My first benvanleuvenart product delivery.. I’m well happy even if I look quite bored… the Espresso cup says made in China and looks quite big and has a decent feel. The t-shirt although not bad I expected one with some elastic material… its 100 % cotton instead. Still very happy with it though!! #benvanleuvenart

Kings Cross

1 hour and 40 minutes drawing standing on the st Pancras side of Kings Cross square.. My hand’s a bit soar now and the blue skies turned into overcast… I didn’t colour on location cause I ran out of water, later I got an idea; Should I make a coulouring book?